Re: [PATCH] nvme-fc: fix sleep-in-atomic-context bug caused by nvme_fc_rcv_ls_req

From: James Smart
Date: Tue Oct 04 2022 - 09:52:05 EST

On 10/4/2022 4:10 AM, duoming@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
looking further... lpfc_poll_timeout() should only be used on an SLI-3
adapter. The existing SLI-3 adapters don't support NVMe. So I'm a
little confused by this stack trace.
I found this problem through a static analysis tool wroten by myself.
I think the hacker may simulate the hardware to trigger this stack trace.
So, I send the patch to correct the problem.

Can you describe what the system config/software setup is and
specifically what lpfc adapter is being used (dmesg attachment logs are
sufficient, or lspci output).
Best regards,
Duoming Zhou

ok - so the patch is to the tool ? as the code path doesn't actually occur ?

-- james