Re: [PATCH 0/5] Add misc support for QDU1000/QRU1000 SoCs

From: Melody Olvera
Date: Tue Oct 04 2022 - 12:06:03 EST

On 10/4/2022 10:27 AM, Melody Olvera wrote:
> On 10/1/2022 4:34 AM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
>> On 01/10/2022 05:06, Melody Olvera wrote:
>>> This series firmware, SoC, rpmpd, tz-log, and mmc bindings as well as
>>> pmic, rpmpd, and socinfo support for QDU1000 and QRU1000 SoCs.
>>> This patchset is based off of [1] and [2] YAML conversion patches.
>> All of your patchsets were sent to wrong Bjorn's address. This means
>> either you based on mainline (which is reasonable but for some reason
>> address was not fixed in mainline...) or on some older linux-next.
>> I propose to rebase on recent linux-next, so you will get proper Bjorn's
>> email.
>> Best regards,
>> Krzysztof
> Thanks Krzysztof. Yeah I figured that out; will add his most recent
> email in the next patchset. I was working on the tip of the linux-next
> stable branch, but does it make more sense to rebase on the master
> branch of linux-next prior to submitting?
> Thanks, Melody

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