Re: [PATCH] ARM: remove check for CONFIG_DEBUG_LL_SER3

From: Paul Bolle
Date: Tue Oct 04 2022 - 14:56:44 EST

Geert Uytterhoeven schreef op di 04-10-2022 om 09:48 [+0200]:
> Arnd took it into soc/for-next as commit 4413794917ba3ff4 ("ARM:
> remove check for CONFIG_DEBUG_LL_SER3").

This is really nice!

One of the few of the commits that I'm actually proud of is e5a7286b5f1b
("x86, boot: Remove ancient, unconditionally #ifdef'd out dead code"). That
commit removed code that was dead for sixteen years. This patch - if it
crosses the finish line - will remove code that's been dead for twenty years.
Yay Geert! I'm so glad this patch was hibernated for eight years, promoting
code dead for twelve years to code dead for twenty years.

But there must be even older dead code in the tree. So let's make this a
contest! I'll ship some Dutch treats to the author of a patch that removes
code that has been dead for the longest time when committed by Linus no later
than December 5th, 2022. (Wikipedia can explain this odd deadline.)

Grave diggers: on your mark!

Paul Bolle