[PATCH v2] Documentation/mm/page_owner.rst: delete frequently changing experimental data

From: Yixuan Cao
Date: Wed Oct 05 2022 - 05:15:06 EST

Thanks for Jonathan Corbet, Bagas Sanjaya and Mike Rapoport's
constructive suggestions. Notice that the size(1) output is
changing frequently, I remove the two tables and describe them
in a general way. Doing so avoids having to repeatedly maintain
the two tables due to kernel changes.

Signed-off-by: Yixuan Cao <caoyixuan2019@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Documentation/mm/page_owner.rst | 20 ++++----------------
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/mm/page_owner.rst b/Documentation/mm/page_owner.rst
index f18fd8907049..1b661ad85647 100644
--- a/Documentation/mm/page_owner.rst
+++ b/Documentation/mm/page_owner.rst
@@ -38,22 +38,10 @@ not affect to allocation performance, especially if the static keys jump
label patching functionality is available. Following is the kernel's code
size change due to this facility.

-- Without page owner::
- text data bss dec hex filename
- 48392 2333 644 51369 c8a9 mm/page_alloc.o
-- With page owner::
- text data bss dec hex filename
- 48800 2445 644 51889 cab1 mm/page_alloc.o
- 6662 108 29 6799 1a8f mm/page_owner.o
- 1025 8 8 1041 411 mm/page_ext.o
-Although, roughly, 8 KB code is added in total, page_alloc.o increase by
-520 bytes and less than half of it is in hotpath. Building the kernel with
-page owner and turning it on if needed would be great option to debug
-kernel memory problem.
+Although, enabling page owner increases kernel size by several kilobytes,
+most of this code is outside page allocator and its hot path. Building
+the kernel with page owner and turning it on if needed would be great
+option to debug kernel memory problem.

There is one notice that is caused by implementation detail. page owner
stores information into the memory from struct page extension. This memory