Re: [PATCH 00/34] pinctrl/arm64: qcom: continued - fix Qualcomm TLMM pinctrl schema warnings (5th set)

From: Krzysztof Kozlowski
Date: Thu Oct 06 2022 - 16:21:46 EST

On 06/10/2022 17:49, Stephan Gerhold wrote:
>> .../qcom,sm8450-lpass-lpi-pinctrl.yaml | 13 ++--
>> .../bindings/pinctrl/qcom,sm8450-pinctrl.yaml | 22 ++----
> Just a random thought since you are already doing minor style cleanups
> here: Some of these files are named incorrectly, e.g. qcom,sm8450-pinctrl.yaml
> actually documents "qcom,sm8450-tlmm". I noticed this while adding
> qcom,msm8909-tlmm but I have to admit that it did not bother me enough
> to actually prepare a patch for this (and now it would just conflict
> with all your patches). :)
> No need to change anything here, just thought I'd mention it.

Sure, I can change this as well. Thanks for sharing!

Best regards,