RE: [PATCH v2 0/6] Enable LKGS instruction

From: Li, Xin3
Date: Mon Oct 10 2022 - 23:51:38 EST

> > * place fixup code into code section "__ex_table" instead of the obsoleted
> > "fixup" section.
> >
> Correction: __ex_table is NOT a code section (scared me there for a second...).

Right, my bad.

> With the new fixup handling code EX_TYPE_ZERO_REG takes care of all the
> work, and there simply is no need for any fixup code at all (the exception fixup
> is fully data-driven.)
> So I would say "use EX_TYPE_ZERO_REG instead of fixup code in the obsolete
> .fixup code section."
> -hpa