Re: [PATCH v2 1/2] dt-bindings: display/msm: dsi-controller-main: Fix deprecated QCM2290 compatible

From: Bryan O'Donoghue
Date: Fri Feb 17 2023 - 16:24:42 EST

On 17/02/2023 21:23, Konrad Dybcio wrote:

On 17.02.2023 22:20, Bryan O'Donoghue wrote:
On 17/02/2023 21:16, Konrad Dybcio wrote:
Correct, but QCM2290 is not supported upstream yet.

SM6115 (a different SoC) however is, but it used the qcm2290 compatible
as it was a convenient hack to get the DSI host ID recognized based on
the (identical-to-qcm2290) base register without additional driver changes.
We're now trying to untangle that mess..

Gand so what we want documented is:

compatible = "qcom,qcs2290-dsi-ctrl", qcom,mdss-dsi-ctrl";
qcm* yes, this became documented with your original cleanup

compatible = "qcom,sm6115-dsi-ctrl", qcom,mdss-dsi-ctrl";
and yes this became documented (well, in the DSI binding) in
my other patch series and is finished being documented in this one

with the old compatible = "qcom,dsi-ctrl-6g-qcm2290"; clanger continuing to be deprecated.
correct, we still have to note it but keep it deprecated




That maps to my understanding & the intention of the deprecation.