[PATCH 4.14 00/20] 4.14.310-rc2 review

From: Greg Kroah-Hartman
Date: Thu Mar 16 2023 - 04:50:22 EST

This is the start of the stable review cycle for the 4.14.310 release.
There are 20 patches in this series, all will be posted as a response
to this one. If anyone has any issues with these being applied, please
let me know.

Responses should be made by Sat, 18 Mar 2023 08:33:04 +0000.
Anything received after that time might be too late.

The whole patch series can be found in one patch at:
or in the git tree and branch at:
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable-rc.git linux-4.14.y
and the diffstat can be found below.


greg k-h

Pseudo-Shortlog of commits:

Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Linux 4.14.310-rc2

Rhythm Mahajan <rhythm.m.mahajan@xxxxxxxxxx>
x86/cpu: Fix LFENCE serialization check in init_amd()

John Harrison <John.C.Harrison@xxxxxxxxx>
drm/i915: Don't use BAR mappings for ring buffers with LLC

Tung Nguyen <tung.q.nguyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
tipc: improve function tipc_wait_for_cond()

Paul Elder <paul.elder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
media: ov5640: Fix analogue gain control

Alvaro Karsz <alvaro.karsz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
PCI: Add SolidRun vendor ID

Nathan Chancellor <nathan@xxxxxxxxxx>
macintosh: windfarm: Use unsigned type for 1-bit bitfields

Edward Humes <aurxenon@xxxxxxxxx>
alpha: fix R_ALPHA_LITERAL reloc for large modules

xurui <xurui@xxxxxxxxxx>
MIPS: Fix a compilation issue

Dmitry Baryshkov <dmitry.baryshkov@xxxxxxxxxx>
clk: qcom: mmcc-apq8084: remove spdm clocks

Shigeru Yoshida <syoshida@xxxxxxxxxx>
net: caif: Fix use-after-free in cfusbl_device_notify()

Eric Dumazet <edumazet@xxxxxxxxxx>
ila: do not generate empty messages in ila_xlat_nl_cmd_get_mapping()

Kang Chen <void0red@xxxxxxxxx>
nfc: fdp: add null check of devm_kmalloc_array in fdp_nci_i2c_read_device_properties

Fedor Pchelkin <pchelkin@xxxxxxxxx>
nfc: change order inside nfc_se_io error path

Zhihao Cheng <chengzhihao1@xxxxxxxxxx>
ext4: zero i_disksize when initializing the bootloader inode

Ye Bin <yebin10@xxxxxxxxxx>
ext4: fix WARNING in ext4_update_inline_data

Ye Bin <yebin10@xxxxxxxxxx>
ext4: move where set the MAY_INLINE_DATA flag is set

Darrick J. Wong <djwong@xxxxxxxxxx>
ext4: fix another off-by-one fsmap error on 1k block filesystems

Eric Whitney <enwlinux@xxxxxxxxx>
ext4: fix RENAME_WHITEOUT handling for inline directories

Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
x86/CPU/AMD: Disable XSAVES on AMD family 0x17

Theodore Ts'o <tytso@xxxxxxx>
fs: prevent out-of-bounds array speculation when closing a file descriptor



Makefile | 4 +-
arch/alpha/kernel/module.c | 4 +-
arch/mips/include/asm/mach-rc32434/pci.h | 2 +-
arch/x86/kernel/cpu/amd.c | 11 +-
drivers/clk/qcom/mmcc-apq8084.c | 271 -------------------------------
drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_ringbuffer.c | 4 +-
drivers/macintosh/windfarm_lm75_sensor.c | 4 +-
drivers/macintosh/windfarm_smu_sensors.c | 4 +-
drivers/media/i2c/ov5640.c | 2 +-
drivers/nfc/fdp/i2c.c | 4 +
fs/ext4/fsmap.c | 2 +
fs/ext4/inline.c | 1 -
fs/ext4/inode.c | 7 +-
fs/ext4/ioctl.c | 1 +
fs/ext4/namei.c | 13 +-
fs/ext4/xattr.c | 3 +
fs/file.c | 1 +
include/linux/pci_ids.h | 2 +
net/caif/caif_usb.c | 3 +
net/ipv6/ila/ila_xlat.c | 1 +
net/nfc/netlink.c | 2 +-
net/tipc/socket.c | 2 +-
22 files changed, 53 insertions(+), 295 deletions(-)