Linux 6.4-rc1

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun May 07 2023 - 17:18:49 EST

So here we are, two weeks later, with the merge window over, and -rc1
tagged and pushed out.

Things look pretty normal - the only somewhat unusual thing for me
personally was that we had two different pull requests that ended up
with me doing my own little series of updates on top.

So both the ITER_UBUF update from Jens, and the x86 LAM support from
Dave Hansen (really Kirill, but I see the pull from Dave) caused me to
do some extra x86 user access cleanups.

The reason I mention that isn't so much "oh, I got to code a bit
again", but that this actually caused me to *finally* switch to a more
modern default 'git diff' algorithm. The default git diff algorithm is
the very traditional one (aka 'Myers algorithm'), and while it works
just fine, there's been various heuristics updates to make for nicer
diffs by default.

So I'm now using the 'histogram' algorithm, that takes the
"uniqueness" of a line into account when deciding on longest common
subsequence, because some of my patches were just an unreadable mess
with the plain Myers diff. Not that histogram always helps, but it
does often make things more legible.

Now, this shouldn't really impact anybody else, and I know some people
were already using either the patience of histogram algorithms, but I
mention it because it does occasionally cause line number differences
in the diffstats, and thus affects the pull-request output.

I'm already used to small differences, but *if* you send me pull
requests, this does mean that it might be just slightly easier on me
if you follow my lead on picking a diff algorithm, and do

git config diff.algorithm histogram

in your kernel tree. Or, if you find that you prefer it over-all,
maybe add "--global" there to do it in your main gitconfig to affect
all your trees.

[ Or just edit your .gitconfig files manually, it's actually what I
do, but when telling others "you might want to do this", it's simpler
to just give the "git config" command line ]

Anyway, this is absolutely *not* a requirement, and honestly, in 95%
of all cases it probably won't even change the diff output at all. But
I thought I might just mention it to make people aware (and to maybe
minimize the number of pull requests where I go "ok, let's figure out
why my end result isn't exactly the same as the one in the PR").

As to the actual changes in this merge window: the mergelog below
gives the high-level view. The diffstat is completely dominated by AMD
GPU hardware description files once again, and this time the 'perf'
tool has followed suite, and so the other big area ends up being all
the perf event JSON file descriptions. Ugh.

But if you ignore those two "massive, but uninteresting" parts of the
changes, everything else looks fairly normal. Lots of development all
over, with "that's interesting" mainly depending on the reader.
Drivers, architecture updates, filesystems, networking, memory
management - there's a bit of everything.

The one feature that didn't make it was the x86 shadow stack code.
That side was probably a bit unlucky, in that it came in as I was
looking at x86 issues anyway, and so I looked at it quite a bit, and
had enough reservations that I asked for a couple of fairly big

We'll get to that at a later date, possibly the next release.

Anyway, please do go test it all out,



Al Viro (5):
vfs fget updates
vfs write_one_page removal
legacy dio cleanup
misc vfs pile
trivial nios2 cleanup

Alex Williamson (1):
VFIO updates

Alexandre Belloni (2):
i3c updates
RTC updates

Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
gfs2 updates

Andrew Morton (6):
MM updates
non-MM updates
more MM updates
dmapool updates - again

Anna Schumaker (1):
NFS client updates

Ard Biesheuvel (1):
EFI updates

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
perf tool updates

Arnd Bergmann (5):
ARM SoC updates
ARM SoC driver updates
ARM SoC defconfig updates
ARM SoC devicetree updates
asm-generic updates

Bartosz Golaszewski (1):
gpio updates

Bjorn Andersson (2):
rpmsg updates
remoteproc updates

Bjorn Helgaas (1):
pci updates

Borislav Petkov (8):
EDAC updates
RAS updates
x86 ACPI update
x86 cpu model updates
misc x86 updates
x86 paravirt updates
x86 SEV updates
x86 cleanups

Casey Schaufler (1):
smack updates

Christian Brauner (6):
clone3 selftest fix
user work thread updates
pidfd updates
acl updates
misc vfs updates
vfs open fixlet

Christoph Hellwig (1):
dma-mapping updates

Chuck Lever (1):
nfsd updates

Corey Minyard (1):
IPMI updates

Damien Le Moal (1):
ata updates

Dan Williams (1):
compute express link updates

Darrick Wong (1):
iomap updates

Dave Airlie (3):
drm updates
drm fixes
more drm fixes

Dave Chinner (1):
xfs updates

Dave Hansen (4):
x86 resctrl update
x86 fpu updates
x86 tdx update
x86 LAM (Linear Address Masking) support

David Howells (1):
AFS updates

David Sterba (1):
btrfs updates

David Teigland (1):
dlm updates

Dipen Patel (1):
hardware timestamp engine updates

Dmitry Torokhov (1):
input updates

Eric Biggers (2):
fscrypt updates
fsverity updates

Eric Van Hensbergen (1):
9p updates

Gao Xiang (1):
erofs updates

Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
m68k updates

Greg KH (5):
USB / Thunderbolt updates
tty / serial updates
staging driver updates
driver core updates
char/misc drivers updates

Greg Ungerer (1):
m68knommu updates

Guenter Roeck (1):
hwmon updates

Guo Ren (1):
arch/csky updates

Gustavo Silva (1):
flexible-array updates

Hans de Goede (1):
x86 platform driver updates

Helge Deller (2):
fbdev updates
parisc updates

Herbert Xu (2):
crypto updates
crypto fixes

Huacai Chen (1):
LoongArch updates

Ilya Dryomov (1):
ceph updates

Ingo Molnar (5):
objtool updates
perf updates
scheduler updates
SMP cross-CPU function-call updates
locking updates

Jaegeuk Kim (1):
f2fs update

Jakub Kicinski (1):
networking fixes

James Bottomley (2):
SCSI updates
more SCSI updates

Jan Kara (1):
ext2, reiserfs, udf, and quota updates

Jarkko Sakkinen (2):
tpm updates
tpm fix

Jason Gunthorpe (2):
iommufd updates
rdma updates

Jassi Brar (1):
mailbox updates

Jens Axboe (6):
ITER_UBUF updates
io_uring updates
block updates
nonblocking pipe io_uring support
more block updates
more io_uring updates

Jiri Kosina (1):
HID updates

Joel Fernandes (1):
RCU updates

Joerg Roedel (1):
iommu updates

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz (1):
sh updates

Jonathan Corbet (2):
documentation updates
more documentation updates

Juergen Gross (1):
xen updates

Kees Cook (2):
hardening update
pstore update

Konstantin Komarov (1):
ntfs3 updates

Lee Jones (3):
LED updates
MFD updates
backlight updates

Linus Walleij (1):
pin control updates

Luis Chamberlain (4):
module updates
sysctl updates
more sysctl updates
modules fix

Mark Brown (4):
regmap updates
regulator updates
spi updates
regulator fix

Masahiro Yamada (1):
Kbuild updates

Mauro Carvalho Chehab (1):
media updates

Michael Ellerman (1):
powerpc updates

Michael Tsirkin (1):
virtio updates

Mickaël Salaün (1):
landlock update

Miguel Ojeda (1):
rust updates

Mike Snitzer (1):
device mapper updates

Mimi Zohar (1):
integrity update

Miquel Raynal (1):
mtd updates

Palmer Dabbelt (2):
RISC-V updates
more RISC-V updates

Paolo Abeni (1):
networking updates

Paolo Bonzini (2):
kvm updates
more kvm updates

Paul McKenney (5):
KCSAN updates
Linux Kernel Memory Model scripting updates
locktorture updates
nolibc updates
Linux Kernel Memory Model updates

Paul Moore (3):
selinux updates
lsm updates
lsm fix

Petr Mladek (2):
printk updates
livepatching updates

Rafael Wysocki (8):
thermal control updates
ACPI updates
power management updates
more thermal control updates
more ACPI updates
more power management updates
thermal control fixes
ACPI fix

Richard Weinberger (2):
UBI and UBIFS updates
uml updates

Rob Herring (3):
devicetree updates
more devicetree updates
devicetree fixes

Russell King (1):
ARM development updates

Sebastian Reichel (1):
power supply and reset updates

Shuah Khan (2):
Kselftest updates
KUnit updates

Stafford Horne (1):
OpenRISC updates

Stephen Boyd (2):
clk updates
clk fixes

Steve French (4):
ksmbd server updates
cifs fixes
ksmbd server fixes
cifs fixes

Steven Rostedt (3):
tracing updates
tracing tools updates
more tracing updates

Takashi Iwai (2):
sound updates
sound fixes

Takashi Sakamoto (1):
firewire updates

Ted Ts'o (2):
ext4 updates
ext4 fixes

Tejun Heo (2):
workqueue updates
cgroup updates

Tetsuo Handa (1):
tomoyo update

Thierry Reding (1):
pwm updates

Thomas Bogendoerfer (1):
MIPS updates

Thomas Gleixner (7):
core debugobjects update
core entry/ptrace update
interrupt updates
timers and timekeeping updates
x86 APIC updates
more timer updates
debugobjects fix

Tzung-Bi Shih (1):
chrome platform updates

Ulf Hansson (1):
MMC updates

Vasily Gorbik (1):
s390 updates

Vinod Koul (4):
dmaengine updates
phy updates
soundwire updates
phy fixes

Vlastimil Babka (1):
slab updates

Wei Liu (1):
hyperv updates

Will Deacon (2):
arm64 updates
arm64 fixes

Wim Van Sebroeck (1):
watchdog updates

Wolfram Sang (2):
i2c updates
more i2c updates