Re: [PATCH fixes] dt-bindings: PCI: fsl,imx6q: fix assigned-clocks warning

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Mon May 08 2023 - 17:36:32 EST

On Mon, May 08, 2023 at 09:18:37AM +0200, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
> assigned-clocks are a dependency of clocks, however the dtschema has
> limitation and expects clocks to be present in the binding using
> assigned-clocks, not in other referenced bindings. The clocks were
> defined in common fsl,imx6q-pcie-common.yaml, which is referenced by fsl,imx6q-pcie-ep.yaml. The fsl,imx6q-pcie-ep.yaml used assigned-clocks thus leading to warnings:

Weirdly long line here. I think it's good to preserve longs lines in
warnings and error messages themselves, but in the normal text it
looks like an oversight.

> Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/fsl,imx6q-pcie-ep.example.dtb: pcie-ep@33800000:
> Unevaluated properties are not allowed ('assigned-clock-parents', 'assigned-clock-rates', 'assigned-clocks' were unexpected)
> From schema: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/fsl,imx6q-pcie-ep.yaml