[PATCH net-next v2 0/3] Support for Wake-on-LAN for Broadcom

From: Florian Fainelli
Date: Tue May 09 2023 - 18:34:55 EST

This patch series adds support for Wake-on-LAN to the Broadcom PHY
driver. Specifically the BCM54210E/B50212E are capable of supporting
Wake-on-LAN using an external pin typically wired up to a system's GPIO.

These PHY operate a programmable Ethernet MAC destination address
comparator which will fire up an interrupt whenever a match is received.
Because of that, it was necessary to introduce patch #1 which allows the
PHY driver's ->suspend() routine to be called unconditionally. This is
necessary in our case because we need a hook point into the device
suspend/resume flow to enable the wake-up interrupt as late as possible.

Patch #2 adds support for the Broadcom PHY library and driver for
Wake-on-LAN proper with the WAKE_UCAST, WAKE_MCAST, WAKE_BCAST,
WAKE_MAGIC and WAKE_MAGICSECURE. Note that WAKE_FILTER is supportable,
however this will require further discussions and be submitted as a RFC
series later on.

Patch #3 updates the GENET driver to defer to the PHY for Wake-on-LAN if
the PHY supports it, thus allowing the MAC to be powered down to
conserve power.

Changes in v2:

- introduce PHY_ALWAYS_CALL_SUSPEND and only have the Broadcom PHY
driver set this flag to minimize changes to the suspend flow to only
drivers that need it

- corrected possibly uninitialized variable in bcm54xx_set_wakeup_irq

Florian Fainelli (3):
net: phy: Allow drivers to always call into ->suspend()
net: phy: broadcom: Add support for Wake-on-LAN
net: bcmgenet: Add support for PHY-based Wake-on-LAN

.../ethernet/broadcom/genet/bcmgenet_wol.c | 14 ++
drivers/net/phy/bcm-phy-lib.c | 212 ++++++++++++++++++
drivers/net/phy/bcm-phy-lib.h | 5 +
drivers/net/phy/broadcom.c | 126 ++++++++++-
drivers/net/phy/phy_device.c | 5 +-
include/linux/brcmphy.h | 55 +++++
include/linux/phy.h | 4 +
7 files changed, 416 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)