Re: Fwd: Kernel 5.11 crashes when it boots, it produces black screen.

From: Bagas Sanjaya
Date: Wed May 10 2023 - 09:30:00 EST

On 5/10/23 16:51, Linux regression tracking (Thorsten Leemhuis) wrote:
> Bagas, thx for all your help with regression tracking, much appreciated
> (side note, as I'm curious for a while already: what is your motivation?
> Just want to help? But whatever, any help is great!).

I did this when I was on "gabut" (an Indonesian slang term that means
doing nothing but get rewarded). In other words, I was finding a task
when there is no documentation review or issues that needs to be worked

> That being said: I'm not sure if I like what you did in this particular
> case, as developers might start getting annoyed by regression tracking
> if we throw too many bug reports of lesser quality before their feet --
> and then they might start to ignore us, which we really need to prevent.
> That's why I would not have forwarded that report at this point of time,
> mainly for these reasons:
> * The initial report is quite old already, as it fall through the
> cracks (not good, but happens; sorry Azamat!). Hence in this case it
> would definitely be better to *first* ask the reporter to check if the
> problem still happens with latest mainline (or at least latest stable)
> before involving the kernel developers, as it might have been fixed
> already.

Oh dear, I have already seen the bug age (two years old, from Reported

> * This might not be a amdgpu bug at all; in fact the other bug the
> reporter mentioned was an iommu thing. Hence this might be one of those
> regressions where a bisection is the only way to get down to the
> problem. Sure, sending a few developers a quick inquiry along the lines
> of "do you maybe have an idea what's up there" is fine, but that's not
> what you did in your mail. Your list of recipients is also quite long;
> that's risky: if you do that too often, as then they might start
> ignoring mail from you.

Oops, I was blindly copy-paste list at that time.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder!

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