Re: [PATCH v2 0/2] x86/cacheinfo: Set the number of leaves per CPU

From: Ricardo Neri
Date: Wed May 10 2023 - 15:17:36 EST

On Sun, Apr 23, 2023 at 05:19:54PM -0700, Ricardo Neri wrote:
> Hi,
> This v2 of now a patchset to set the number of cache leaves independently
> for each CPU. v1 can be found here [1].
> These are the changes since v2:
> * Dave Hansen, suggested to use the existing per-CPU ci_cpu_cacheinfo
> variable. Now the global variable num_cache_leaves became useless.
> * While here, I noticed that init_cache_level() also became useless:
> x86 does not need ci_cpu_cacheinfo::num_levels.
> These patches apply cleanly on top of the master branch of the tip tree.

FYI, I see a NULL pointer dereference when I apply this patchset on top of
v6.4-rc1. I started a discussion here[1].