Re: [PATCH v2 4/6] kernfs: implement readdir FMODE_NOWAIT

From: Dominique Martinet
Date: Thu May 11 2023 - 07:03:44 EST

Dan Carpenter wrote on Thu, May 11, 2023 at 01:55:57PM +0300:
> fd7b9f7b9776b1 Tejun Heo 2013-11-28 1850 if (!dir_emit(ctx, name, len, ino, type))
> fd7b9f7b9776b1 Tejun Heo 2013-11-28 1851 return 0;
> 393c3714081a53 Minchan Kim 2021-11-18 1852 down_read(&root->kernfs_rwsem);
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Needs to be deleted.

Uh, yes, sorry; I'm not sure how I let that slip, I guess I didn't hit
any dead lock because nothing ever tried to take a write lock after

I expect there'll be other comments (this might not make it at all), so
I'll keep the v3 of this patch with this fix locally and resend after
other comments.

> a551138c4b3b9f Dominique Martinet 2023-05-10 1853 if (ctx->flags & DIR_CONTEXT_F_NOWAIT) {
> a551138c4b3b9f Dominique Martinet 2023-05-10 1854 if (!down_read_trylock(&root->kernfs_rwsem))
> a551138c4b3b9f Dominique Martinet 2023-05-10 1855 return 0;
> It's a bit strange the this doesn't return -EAGAIN;

That is on purpose: the getdents did work (dir_emit returned success at
least once), so the caller can process whatever was filled in the buffer
before calling iterate_shared() again.

If we were to return -EAGAIN here, we'd actually be throwing out the
entries we just filled in, and that's not what we want.

Dominique Martinet | Asmadeus