Re: net: usb: ipheth: add CDC NCM support

From: Forst
Date: Thu May 11 2023 - 08:05:30 EST


> I added the author Foster Snowhill to this mail, as well as a link to his Github [1].
> If needed, we can ask him to add the tag Signed-off-by:

I do not mind my patch being reviewed and included in Linux kernel if it is deemed of good quality. I would like to point out that I wrote it for personal use and may have cut some corners, so I likely missed some places when it comes to code style and data validation. The latter is important from a security standpoint, so extra attention to that would be appreciated.

If I need to resubmit it myself, and maybe to a different mailing list, please advise on the appropriate procedure.

Thank you!

/ Foster