[PATCH net-next v3 0/3] Add support for VSC8531_02 PHY and DT RGMII tuning

From: Harini Katakam
Date: Thu May 11 2023 - 08:08:28 EST

Add support for VSC8531_02 PHY ID.
Also provide an option to change RGMII delay value via devicetree.

v3 changes:
- Remove patch 2/3 from v2 as custom mscc properties dont need to be
defined. rx-internal-delay-ps and tx-internal-delay-ps can be used.
- Change RGMII delay precedence as advised by Vladimir:
phy-mode rgmii rgmii-rxid/rgmii-id
rx-internal-delay-ps absent 0.2 ns 2 ns
rx-internal-delay-ps present follow rx-internal-delay-ps follow rx-internal-delay-ps
- Split VSC8531-02 and RGMII delay config into separate patches.
- Correct vendor ID
- Update commit description and subject everywhere to say RGMII delays
instead of RGMII tuning.

v2 changes:
- Added patch to use a common vendor phy id match
- Removed dt include header patch because delays should be specied in
ps, not register values
- Updated DT binding description and commit for optional delay tuning to
be clearer on the precedence
- Updated dt property name to include vendor instead of phy device name
- Switch both VSC8531 and VSC8531-02 to use exact phy id match as they
share the same model number
- Ensure RCT
- Improve optional property read

Harini Katakam (3):
phy: mscc: Use PHY_ID_MATCH_VENDOR to minimize PHY ID table
phy: mscc: Add support for RGMII delay configuration
phy: mscc: Add support for VSC8531_02

drivers/net/phy/mscc/mscc.h | 4 ++
drivers/net/phy/mscc/mscc_main.c | 75 ++++++++++++++++++++++----------
2 files changed, 57 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)