Re: [RESEND PATCH v5 2/3] test_firmware: fix a memory leak with reqs buffer

From: Mirsad Goran Todorovac
Date: Fri May 12 2023 - 14:59:36 EST

On 12. 05. 2023. 15:09, Dan Carpenter wrote:
On Fri, May 12, 2023 at 02:34:29PM +0200, Mirsad Todorovac wrote:
@@ -1011,6 +1016,11 @@ ssize_t trigger_batched_requests_async_store(struct device *dev,
+ if (test_fw_config->reqs) {
+ rc = -EBUSY;
+ goto out_bail;
+ }
test_fw_config->reqs =
vzalloc(array3_size(sizeof(struct test_batched_req),
test_fw_config->num_requests, 2));

I was just thinking, since returning -EBUSY for the case of already allocated
test_fw_config->reqs was your suggestion and your idea, maybe it would be OK
to properly reflect that in Co-developed-by: or Signed-off-by: , but if I
understood well, the CoC requires that I am explicitly approved of those?

If everyone else is okay, let's just apply this as-is. You did all the
hard bits.

dan carpenter

If it is OK with you, then I hope I have your Reviewed-by:

I'm kinda still uncertain about the proper procedure.
This certainly isn't "the perfect patch" :-)

Best regards,