Re: [PATCH] regulator: core: Streamline debugfs operations

From: Geert Uytterhoeven
Date: Wed May 24 2023 - 02:43:29 EST

Hi Mark,

On Tue, May 23, 2023 at 5:17 PM Mark Brown <broonie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, May 23, 2023 at 05:03:58PM +0200, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> > Fix the error check on the return value of debugfs_create_dir() in
> > create_regulator(), which was missed before.
> >
> > Fixes: 2bf1c45be3b8f3a3 ("regulator: Fix error checking for debugfs_create_dir")
> Also: this should be a separate patch.

I can do that, sure (patch stats++ ;-)



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