POSSIBLE BUG: selftests/net/fcnal-test.sh: [FAIL] in vrf "bind - ns-B IPv6 LLA" test

From: Mirsad Todorovac
Date: Wed May 24 2023 - 08:17:19 EST


The very recent 6.4-rc3 kernel build with AlmaLinux 8.7 on LENOVO 10TX000VCR
desktop box fails one test:

[root@host net]# ./fcnal-test.sh
TEST: ping out, vrf device+address bind - ns-B loopback IPv6 [ OK ]
TEST: ping out, vrf device+address bind - ns-B IPv6 LLA [FAIL]
TEST: ping in - ns-A IPv6 [ OK ]
Tests passed: 887
Tests failed: 1
[root@host net]#

Please find the config, + dmesg and lshw output here:


I believe that I have all required configs merged for the selftest/net tests.

Maybe we have a regression?

My knowledge of fcnal-test.sh isn't sufficient to build a smaller reproducer.

Guillaume said in January he could help with the net/fcnal-test.sh, but I was doing
the other things in the meantime. Tempus fugit :-/

Best regards,

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