Re: [PATCH V3] soc: imx: support i.MX93 soc device

From: Rasmus Villemoes
Date: Wed May 24 2023 - 09:30:20 EST

On 15/05/2023 08.37, Peng Fan (OSS) wrote:
> From: Peng Fan <>
> i.MX93 Device Unique ID(UID) is in eFuse that could be read through
> OCOTP Fuse Shadow Block. i.MX93 UID is 128 bits long, so introduce
> soc_uid_high to indicate the higher 64bits.

So apparently, the imx8mp also has 128 bits, at least according to the
reference manual, which mentions a "UNIQUE_ID[127:64]" at offset 0xe00 -
0xe10 (i.e. bank 40, words 0 and 1).

However, no further mention of these upper bits can be found anywhere in
the RM, or in linux or u-boot, mainline or downstream NXP. Furthermore,
quick experiments on both an imx8mp-evk and a custom imx8mp board
reveals that those words are not locked down (they do seem to have some
contents from the factory, but I can still set more bits in them).

Could someone from NXP please explain what exactly bank 40, words 0 and
1, on imx8mp are for? What do their initial value mean, why are they not
locked down, and why does the RM indicate that they should be part of a

Also, assuming that the RM is just wrong (wouldn't be the first time;
the description of the lower 64 bits is also wonky in its own special
way), an obvious follow-up question is: Are the currently exposed
(lower) 64 bits unique among all imx8mp SOCs, i.e. does those 64 bits by
themselves actually work as a uid?