[PATCH 0/6] Misc cleanups and improvements for compaction

From: Baolin Wang
Date: Thu May 25 2023 - 08:54:25 EST


This series cantains some cleanups and improvements for compaction.
Please help to review. Thanks.

Baolin Wang (6):
mm: compaction: drop the redundant page validation in
mm: compaction: change fast_isolate_freepages() to void type
mm: compaction: skip more fully scanned pageblock
mm: compaction: only set skip flag if cc->no_set_skip_hint is false
mm: compaction: add trace event for fast freepages isolation
mm: compaction: skip fast freepages isolation if enough freepages are

include/trace/events/compaction.h | 11 +++++++++++
mm/compaction.c | 25 ++++++++++++++-----------
2 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)