Re: [Freedreno] [PATCH] Revert "drm/msm/dp: Remove INIT_SETUP delay"

From: Abhinav Kumar
Date: Thu May 25 2023 - 14:11:10 EST

On 5/25/2023 10:57 AM, Kuogee Hsieh wrote:

On 5/24/2023 5:58 AM, Leonard Lausen wrote:
[  275.025497] [drm:dpu_encoder_phys_vid_wait_for_commit_done:488]
[dpu error]vblank timeout
[  275.025514] [drm:dpu_kms_wait_for_commit_done:510] [dpu error]wait
for commit done returned -110
[  275.064141] [drm:dpu_encoder_frame_done_timeout:2382] [dpu
error]enc33 frame done timeout
This is a different crash but the root-cause of both the issues is the
bridge hpd_enable/disable series.
Yes, the new patch to fix this issue is here

Apologies if you were not CCed on this, if a next version is CCed,
will ask kuogee to cc you.

Meanwhile, will be great if you can verify if it works for you and
provide Tested-by tags.
Hi Leonard,

I had  cc you with v5 patches.

Would you please verify it.
Hi Kuogee,

thank you. Verified the v6 patch fixes the regression when ported to
6.3.3. One non-fatal issue remains: Suspending and resuming the system
while USB-C DP monitor is connected triggers an error, though the system
recovers within a second without the need to unplug the cable.

[drm:drm_mode_config_helper_resume] *ERROR* Failed to resume (-107)

dmesg snippet related to the suspend below

[  197.845110] usb 2-1.4.4: reset SuperSpeed USB device number 12 using xhci-hcd
[  198.235191] [drm:drm_mode_config_helper_resume] *ERROR* Failed to resume (-107)

Hi Leonard,

I did not see this problem at my setup (Kodiak) during suspend/resume.

Will investigate more on Trogdor device.


Hi Leonard

Feel free to open a bug for this and assign to me, we can check this and ask more info if needed on that bug.



[  198.528638] OOM killer enabled.
[  198.531866] Restarting tasks ...
[  198.531994] usb 1- USB disconnect, device number 27
[  198.532223] usb 1-1.4.3: USB disconnect, device number 23
[  198.532509] usb 1- USB disconnect, device number 29
[  198.534805] r8152-cfgselector 2- USB disconnect, device number 13
[  198.535444] done.
[  198.535536] usb 1-1.1: USB disconnect, device number 15
[  198.567811] random: crng reseeded on system resumption
[  198.583431] PM: suspend exit