Re: [PATCH 13/13] ALSA: hda/cs35l56: Add driver for Cirrus Logic CS35L56 amplifier

From: Richard Fitzgerald
Date: Fri May 26 2023 - 08:21:05 EST

On 26/5/23 05:40, Claudiu.Beznea@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On 25.05.2023 18:06, Richard Fitzgerald wrote:
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From: Simon Trimmer <simont@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Add a driver for the Cirrus Logic CS35L56 amplifier. This uses the same
component binding API as the CS35L41 driver. This is not a standalone
HDA device; it provides control of the CS35L56 for systems that use a
combination of an HDA codec and CS35L56 amplifiers with audio routed
through the HDA codec.


+ cs35l56->base.reset_gpio = devm_gpiod_get_index_optional(cs35l56->,
+ "reset",
+ cs35l56->index,
+ if (IS_ERR(cs35l56->base.reset_gpio)) {

devm_gpiod_get_index_optional() can also return NULL.

Yes, that is expected. It's optional. It's not an error.
In that case cs35l56->base.reset_gpio will already be NULL.

+ ret = PTR_ERR(cs35l56->base.reset_gpio);
+ /*
+ * If RESET is shared the first amp to probe will grab the reset
+ * line and reset all the amps
+ */
+ if (ret != -EBUSY)
+ return dev_err_probe(cs35l56->, ret, "Failed to get reset GPIO\n");
+ dev_info(cs35l56->, "Reset GPIO busy, assume shared reset\n");
+ cs35l56->base.reset_gpio = NULL;
+ }
+ return 0;
+ dev_err(cs35l56->, "Failed property %s: %d\n", property, ret);
+ return ret;