[RFC][PATCH 0/2] Lock and Pointer guards

From: Peter Zijlstra
Date: Fri May 26 2023 - 11:23:38 EST


Yesterday I was annoyed for the lack of RAII lock guards for entirely spurious
reason, but since you sometimes gotta do silly things I spend today creating some.

My initial (failed) attempts tried to combine __cleanup, _Generic and
__auto_type, but the compilers refused. I've also Googled around and found
(among many others) the QEMU and Glib guards. However I don't like them because
they end up relying on function pointers/indirect calls.

Hence the current pile of CPP hackery.. no indirect calls in sight.

I really like how they end up simplifying the code, but perhaps y'all hate them
with a passion?

I'm thinking we'll at least have a good brawl over naming, esp. the void_guard
needs a better name.

Compile and boot tested with x86_64-defconfig.