Re: [PATCH V4 2/2] blktrace: allow access trace file in lockdown mode

From: Junxiao Bi
Date: Fri May 26 2023 - 12:56:52 EST

Hi Paul,

The patches have not been merged yet, i would like to resend them, just want to confirm i can add your Reviewed-by in the patches, right?



On 5/9/23 9:13 AM, Junxiao Bi wrote:
On 4/30/23 2:46 PM, Paul Moore wrote:

On Fri, Apr 28, 2023 at 6:41 PM Junxiao Bi <> wrote:
On 4/28/23 2:26 PM, Paul Moore wrote:
On Wed, Apr 26, 2023 at 12:33 PM Junxiao Bi <> wrote:
Paul,  do you have any other concerns regarding blktrace? As Jens
mentioned, blktrace just exported IO metadata to Userspace, those were
not security sensitive information.
I think this version of the patchset is much better, thanks for your
patience.  I don't have any further concerns, and since the lockdown
LSM doesn't have a dedicated maintainer I think you should be all set
from my perspective.
Thanks a lot for the review.

Since there are no changes under security/, I'm assuming this will go
in via the tracing tree?
Should I notify some specific maintainer or mail list for merging?
When in doubt, the scripts/ tool in the kernel
sources can be helpful.

The results for the debugfs and relay files are fairly generic, but if
you look at the results for the blktrace.c file you get a more
reasonable list of maintainers and mailing lists.  I believe Jens has
already commented on your patches at least once, I don't recall if the
others have or not.  I see you've already CC'd the block mailing list,
so that might be enough.

Keep in mind that we are in the middle of a merge window so it is very
possible this patch might not be merged in a working/next/etc. branch
until after the merge window closes (every maintainer is a little bit
different in this regard).

I didn't see the patches in the trace tree yet, maybe better to merge it through block tree since it's a blktrace fix.

Jens, can you help merge these two patches to your tree?