Re: [PATCH net-next v2 06/12] net: skbuff: don't include <net/page_pool.h> into <linux/skbuff.h>

From: Jakub Kicinski
Date: Fri May 26 2023 - 23:54:20 EST

On Thu, 25 May 2023 14:57:40 +0200 Alexander Lobakin wrote:
> Currently, touching <net/page_pool.h> triggers a rebuild of more than
> a half of the kernel. That's because it's included in <linux/skbuff.h>.
> In 6a5bcd84e886 ("page_pool: Allow drivers to hint on SKB recycling"),
> Matteo included it to be able to call a couple functions defined there.
> Then, in 57f05bc2ab24 ("page_pool: keep pp info as long as page pool
> owns the page") one of the calls was removed, so only one left.
> It's call to page_pool_return_skb_page() in napi_frag_unref(). The
> function is external and doesn't have any dependencies. Having include
> of very niche page_pool.h only for that looks like an overkill.
> Instead, move the declaration of that function to skbuff.h itself, with
> a small comment that it's a special guest and should not be touched.
> Now, after a few include fixes in the drivers, touching page_pool.h
> only triggers rebuilding of the drivers using it and a couple core
> networking files.


came in the meantime, and did not bother including page_pool.h.
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