RE: [PATCH v4 0/7] x86/resctrl: Miscellaneous resctrl features

From: Shaopeng Tan (Fujitsu)
Date: Mon May 29 2023 - 06:22:02 EST

Hi Babu,

> These series adds support few minor features.
> 1. Support assigning multiple tasks to control/mon groups in one command.
> 2. Add debug mount option for resctrl interface.
> 3. Add RMID and CLOSID in resctrl interface when mounted with debug option.
> 4. While doing these above changes, found that rftype flags needed some
> cleanup.
> They were named inconsistently. Re-arranged them much more cleanly
> now.
> Hope it can help future additions.

I tested these features and ran the selftests/resctrl test set,
it seems to be fine.

Maybe the next version will come soon with some fixes,
I will test it again.


Best regards,
Shaopeng TAN