Re: [PATCH] docs: split subtitle of Submitting patches

From: Bagas Sanjaya
Date: Mon May 29 2023 - 21:20:49 EST

On 4/25/23 14:26, Costa Shulyupin wrote:
> Motivation:
> The original long page title in the left Content pane spans three lines:
> Submitting patches: the essential
> guide to getting your code into
> the kernel

I think it's OK to have that, if the title can't be further condensed.

> Issues:
> - It is not readable.
> - It further inflates already overpopulated Contents pane.

table of contents?

> The solution:
> - Split the long title to title and subtitle.
> - Vertical bar '|' in Sphinx-doc introduces empty line to
> make the subtitle closer to the title than to the following text.


The title (as a whole) is already descriptive enough for
describing the text.


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