Re: [PATCH] media: venus: firmware: Use of_reserved_mem_lookup()

From: Vikash Garodia
Date: Wed May 31 2023 - 03:34:38 EST

On 5/31/2023 12:26 PM, Stephan Gerhold wrote:
> On Wed, May 31, 2023 at 11:36:52AM +0530, Vikash Garodia wrote:
>> On 5/29/2023 11:46 PM, Stephan Gerhold wrote:
>>> Reserved memory can be either looked up using the generic function
>>> of_address_to_resource() or using the special of_reserved_mem_lookup().
>>> The latter has the advantage that it ensures that the referenced memory
>>> region was really reserved and is not e.g. status = "disabled".
>>> of_reserved_mem also supports allocating reserved memory dynamically at
>>> boot time. This works only when using of_reserved_mem_lookup() since
>>> there won't be a fixed address in the device tree.
>> IIUC, this would avoid precomputing the hard range for different firmware
>> regions and also make it more flexible to adjust the sizes, if anyone wants a
>> bigger size later.
>> Incase a specific firmware needs a dedicate start address, do we have an option
>> to specify the same ?
> If you want a specific start address (or in other words: a fixed base
> address) then you should continue using static reservation for that
> component. You can mix static and dynamic reservations. The static ones
> (with fixed addresses) will be reserved first, then the dynamic ones
> will be allocated from the free space.
> I have this example for one device in my proposal at [1]:
> /* Firmware must be loaded at address 0x8b600000 */
> wcnss_mem: wcnss@8b600000 {
> reg = <0x8b600000 0x600000>;
> no-map;
> };
> /* Firmware can be loaded anywhere with 1 MiB alignment */
> venus_mem: venus {
> size = <0x500000>;
> alignment = <0x100000>;
> no-map;
> };
> The wcnss_mem will be always at 0x8b600000, but the venus_mem can be
> loaded somewhere around that. If only certain regions need a fixed
> address this still provides the flexibility to change sizes more easily.
> Does that answer your question? I wasn't sure what exactly you mean with
> a "dedicated start address". :)
Yes, it clarified the need if any subsystem wants a specific start address.

One more thing, lets say, we keep it dynamic allocation and at the same time we
need to pass the start address to TZ call in [1]. How do we get that allocated
address so as to pass in [1] ?