[PATCH RESEND 0/2] Bluetooth: fix bdaddr quirks

From: Johan Hovold
Date: Wed May 31 2023 - 05:05:33 EST

These patches fix a couple of issues with the two bdaddr quirks:

The first one allows HCI_QUIRK_INVALID_BDADDR to be used with

The second patch restores the original semantics of the
HCI_QUIRK_USE_BDADDR_PROPERTY so that the controller is marked as
unconfigured when no device address is specified in the devicetree (as
the quirk is documented to work).

This specifically makes sure that Qualcomm HCI controllers such as
wcn6855 found on the Lenovo X13s are marked as unconfigured until user
space has provided a valid address.

Long term, the HCI_QUIRK_USE_BDADDR_PROPERTY should probably be dropped
in favour of HCI_QUIRK_INVALID_BDADDR and always checking the devicetree


Johan Hovold (2):
Bluetooth: fix invalid-bdaddr quirk for non-persistent setup
Bluetooth: fix use-bdaddr-property quirk

net/bluetooth/hci_sync.c | 30 +++++++++++-------------------
1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)