Re: [PATCH v4 0/3] block: Make old dio use iov_iter_extract_pages() and page pinning

From: Jens Axboe
Date: Wed May 31 2023 - 11:48:46 EST

On Fri, 26 May 2023 22:41:39 +0100, David Howells wrote:
> Here are three patches that go on top of the similar patches for bio
> structs now in the block tree that make the old block direct-IO code use
> iov_iter_extract_pages() and page pinning.
> There are three patches:
> (1) Make page pinning neither add nor remove a pin to/from a ZERO_PAGE,
> thereby allowing the dio code to insert zero pages in the middle of
> dealing with pinned pages. This also mitigates a potential problem
> whereby userspace could force the overrun the pin counter of a zero
> page.
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[1/3] mm: Don't pin ZERO_PAGE in pin_user_pages()
commit: c8070b78751955e59b42457b974bea4a4fe00187
[2/3] mm: Provide a function to get an additional pin on a page
commit: 1101fb8f89e5fc548c4d0ad66750e98980291815
[3/3] block: Use iov_iter_extract_pages() and page pinning in direct-io.c
commit: 1ccf164ec866cb8575ab9b2e219fca875089c60e

Best regards,
Jens Axboe