Re: [PATCH] acpi: Fix header declaration of acpi_arch_dma_setup() w/o CONFIG_ACPI

From: Hanjun Guo
Date: Wed May 31 2023 - 21:48:58 EST

Hi Dave,

Sorry for the late reply, I have some comments inline.

On 2023/5/23 0:06, Dave Jiang wrote:
arm64 build can be done without CONFIG_ACPI. The ifdef bits for
acpi_arch_dma_setup() is placed inside CONFIG_ACPI. When CONFIG_ACPI is
not set, this causes warning reported by kernel test bot. Move the
prototype declaration for acpi_arch_dma_setup() outside of CONFIG_ACPI.


drivers/acpi/arm64/dma.c:7:6: warning: no previous prototype for function 'acpi_arch_dma_setup' [-Wmissing-prototypes]
void acpi_arch_dma_setup(struct device *dev)
drivers/acpi/arm64/dma.c:7:1: note: declare 'static' if the function is not intended to be used outside of this translation unit
void acpi_arch_dma_setup(struct device *dev)
1 warning generated.

drivers/acpi can only be compiled with CONFIG_ACPI=y, so
drivers/acpi/arm64/ will be the same, not sure how to trigger
this compile warning.

I disable CONFIG_ACPI on my ARM64 machine, but didn't get the
warning you reported.

Reported-by: kernel test robot <lkp@xxxxxxxxx>

How to generate the kernel config file as you kindly attached in the