Heads up - effectively offline for now

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sat Jan 13 2024 - 16:32:11 EST

Just a note to say that the merge window is paused as far as I'm
concerned, because we've lost power and internet thanks to a winter
storm. Of course, this is Oregon, so "storm" here is what some people
would probably consider "somewhat windy", and "winter" here means that
the temperature is approaching -10°C.

There's apparently about 100k people without power, and I doubt our
neighborhood is the priority, so I expect to be without power for some
time still. I hope I'm wrong, but a few years ago it took more than a
week to restore power due to all the downed trees. It's hopefully
nowhere near that, but..

And before anybody says "just go to a Starbucks and work from there",
the scariest thing out there - apart from possibly downed trees and
power lines - is other drivers. I'll stay put.