"Long of Tooth"

Alan V. Shackelford (alan_s@shaknet.clark.net)
Fri, 10 May 1996 14:37:55 -0400 (EDT)

Recently I read a post here from a fellow who has earned my respect
during a couple months of my lurking here, in which he mentioned the fact
that the kernel sources are getting a bit long of tooth. I don't think
anyone can argue with that. With increased neat features comes increased
code size, increased interdependence of modules, etc. It kinda gets to be
a mess. This brings me to my point, but first let me say:

1). I have only run Linux for 9 months
2). I still use 1.2.13 alot, and a home-brewed 1.3.20 when I'm feeling

What would be the problem with putting out a very strong, but super
reliable 1.4.0, and spreading the word that it was the official kernel
for folks who want a good solid base, and also a 2.0 that includes all
the troublesome bells and whistles I read so much about? Bear in mind,
this is user speaking, and user doesn't always know his ass from page 4,
but the thought occurred to me, and I thought I'd share it.

Regardless of whether you guys like my idea or not, y'all still write
some incredible stuff, and should all be proud. I am hooked, and will
remain so.

One net to rule them all, one net to find them, one net to bring them all
and using Unix bind them. alan_s@shaknet.clark.net