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Nick Holloway (
10 May 1996 22:43:57 +0100

In <m0uHf7M-23AqtYC@thune> (Mike Castle) writes:
> Amazingly enough Nick Holloway said:
> > The area where gawk falls down badly is on machines with no FPU. The
> > emulation of floating point operations causes "make depend" to crawl.
> Why is FP necessary to do a make depend?

All arithmetic operations in gawk are done using floating point. So,
although FP is not required to do dependancy generation, because they
are done with gawk, FP is required.

Variables in gawk have a numeric and string nature to them. I don't
know if you can avoid the numeric side (and the FP operations) if the
gawk script is recast to use string operations only. I might try to
steal the 486sx20 laptop (with the battery that won't make it across
the room :-) and investigate.

Related to dependancies... Is there a reason why uni_hash.tbl depends
on "fastdep", and not on "consolemap.o" (see drivers/char/Makefile)?
Because of this, you can't do "make config; touch .depend; make boot"
to bypass the dependancy generation.

PS: Mike, you've seen some of this before, as I should have checked for
the Cc when I read my mail.

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