1.3.100: My notes, as usual

Ulrich Windl (ulrich.windl@rrzc1.rz.uni-regensburg.de)
Fri, 10 May 1996 15:42:56 +0200

I've viewed the patch for 1.3.100, and I was a bit surprised:

We have now support for broken gcc-2.5.8 for the in2000 driver (really
strange fix), and changes in the IPC code that supports broken
applications (it seems like it's part of kerneld support, but I'm not
saying kerneld is broken unless somebody states that kerned really
needs it). We have now JAVA support even in code freeze, and it uses
absolute paths compiled into the kernel (I think the concept is really
broken!). Possibly some floppy formatting applications get trouble
because of new formatting code.

Minor thing: Is it necessary to include math_emu.h in
asm-i386/processor.h unconditionally. Isn't math emulation
configurable, or is that file used outside the emulator? Sounds a bit
broken, too.

I've not read Linus' release notes; let me read them before you flame me!