mcdx.h patch failed..

Mark E. Levitt (
Tue, 14 May 1996 13:03:48 -0400 (EDT)

Patching from pre2.0.2 up to pre2.0.4 failed at mcdx.h. I didn't
notice it until I tried to compile pre2.0.4 (1.99.4), at which point
compilation of mcdx module fails.

I don't know why the patch failed, but if anyone else has this problem
the fix is pretty simple. The mcdx cdrom driver is available at funet.
Get it, untar it, and copy mcdx.h to include/linux.

After that, it worked fine. I haven't radically altered the original
mcdx.h other than to uncomment the "i have been here" thingy and to set
the right address and irq...


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