Re: Plea. . .

David Flood (
Wed, 15 May 1996 21:33:29 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 15 May 1996, Aaron Tiensivu wrote:

> Now that pre-2.0 is upon us, I hope that everyone is not in a frenzy to rush to
> get 2.0 out the door in the next couple of days.. with the amount of bug
> reports lately, it's pretty obvious we are not at the "rock-solid stable"
> level..

I glad that someone else also thinks this.

> If a Linux 2.0 goes out the door, chock full of bugs, it will mean bad press
> and PR..
> Also, I think some sort of ftp site should be set-up to hold all the
> "essential" things for 2.0... especially the 'victim-list' type files...sure,
> you could say, "All of it is on sunsite", but that is not always true..

It wouldn't have to be a ftp site, it could be a TEXT only web site with ftp
links to the correct locations. And if it was organized by kernel version
number then a lot of the 'upgrade to version xx.yy' mesages would be fixed.
> things like:
> hdparm-2.9.tar.gz
> gpm-1.09.tar.gz
> libc-5.3.12.tar.gz
> linux-2.00.tar.gz
> modules-1.3.69k.tar.gz
> procps-1.00.tar.gz [I hope 0.99a gets updated before then]
> All in one directory would be such a nice thing to have.. having to hunt down
> everything in odd-ball places will make users go, "Sheesh, it's not worth all
> the effort"
> Just food for thought.. please be gentle, I'm not here to stir trouble.. :)
> Danke...