Re: What Priority?

Ulrich Windl (
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 10:41:35 +0200

On 29 Apr 96 at 15:46, Andrew E. Mileski wrote:

> What priority should kernel messages that appear _only_ at
> boot be? KERN_NOTICE or KERN_INFO (or something else)?
> I'd like these messages to appear (instead of being swallowed
> by klogd).
> I understand that miscellaneous messages after boot should be
> KERN_INFO, unless a core meltdown is imminent :-)

That is a difficult subject (similar to debugging messages). Usually
failure messages should be of higher importance than success
messages. Thus success messages could be KERN_INFO, while failure
messages (device not present / not detected) could be KERN_NOTICE. Of
course real problems can be KERN_WARN(ing) or KERN_ERR(or), too
(device setup incompatible, serious problem detected).

Ulrich Windl