Re: On the topic of noisy drivers...

Steven L Baur (
01 May 1996 10:30:46 -0700

>>>>> "David" == David A Willmore <> writes:

David> On Apr 29, 11:12pm, Mike McLagan wrote:
>> Is there *ANY* reason that the AIC77x0 driver needs to spew it's life's
>> story onto the console during bootup? Seems to me that 99% of what it spits
>> out is extraneous!
>> Maybe gagging it for 2.0 would be a good idea?

David> I have to agree here. The number of lines that scroll by when
David> my six disk SCSI system boots is silly. Do I really need six
David> lines to tell me that my disks all use 512 byte hardware
David> sectors? Partition information is line this, too. Maybe I
David> just have too many drives....

I like the increased information at boot. It's reassuring. Sure
there's more information than will fit on one screen, but SHIFT PageUp
will still let you see everything. Having all that information in
syslog after boot can be quite useful too.

-- baur
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