Re: PPP not running, Oh, WHY?

Robert Weeks (
Thu, 2 May 96 14:58:13 BST

> What kind of problem are you having? It might be as simple as using
> setserial (man setserial). Your computer might not be
> recognizing/finding your modem.

> I had that problem and ended up having to issue the command:
> setserial /dev/cua3 irq 9

> But otherwise, what is the problem you are having? Will PPP just not
> load, or do you get some errors?

I get the same thing. I have compiled the PPP option as modules and
kernel On boot system reports registereng PPP but when you try to run
it it reports PPPD not registered on this system.

I have tried to recompile PPP (v2.c) but there is a structure missing.

Using the one with Slack 3 (1.2 Somthing) works but not the new
compiled Kernels

Bob (1/-)