what's module net-pf-3?

Andrew C. Esh (andrewes@cnt.com)
Sun, 5 May 96 16:07 CDT

Michael Harnois writes:
> For no particular reason I ran ifconfig on ppp0. I received the console
> messages
> modprobe: can't locate module net-pf-3
> modprobe: can't locate module net-pf-4
> modprobe: can't locate module net-pf-5
> and then ifconfig completed apparently normally.
> Someone have a clue what's happening here?
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> Michael Harnois (mharnois@sbt.net)
> No Organization Whatsoever

We need a FAQ for this one.

alias net-pf-3 off # AX.25
alias net-pf-4 ipx # IPX
alias net-pf-5 appletalk # Appletalk

I don't compile the AX.25 module, so I don't know the name of
the object file for it. I leave it turned off. If you don't
use either of the other protocols in your system, you should
turn those off as well.

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