Re: Linux logo

Matt Hartley (
Sun, 5 May 1996 13:40:55 -0400

Here is Lars' idea, and I like it:

>From: Lars Wirzenius <>
>To: Steve Ulrich <>
>cc: Matt Hartley <>, Alan Cox <>
>Subject: Re: Linux logo
>Date: Sun, 05 May 1996 12:47:19 +0300
>Steve Ulrich:
>> While I understand the rivalry between the Linux development efforts and
>> the BSD efforts. I don't really think that much is to be gained by a
>> logo that degrades another.
>How about three logos:
> 1. What Alan suggested.
> 2. The reverse: the BSD demon triumphing over the Linux penguin.
> This one is sent to the BSD people, free of charge. :)
> 3. L.T. Penguin and B.S. Daemon standing, drinking tea
> (or whatever), with young Bill, the stupid, ugly brat with a
> dripping nose, open mouth, and dirty clothes playing on the
> floor with one of the box-with-shaped-holes and trying to
> put the wrong shape of block in the hole.
>Alas, I can't draw.
Matt Hartley