Re: linux on HFS? why not HPFS instead?

H. Peter Anvin (
7 May 1996 04:08:02 GMT

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By author: Matthias Urlichs <>
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> On a case-preserving file system, of course, your Makefile would stil=
l be
> fount when you type M<tab>. But the only reasonably compatible way to=
> with this issue is to have the HFS file system return an error if you=
> to create a makefile when Makefile exists.

Either that or overwrite the Makefile, which is what a Mac would do.
Another issue is that the HFS pathname separator is : but / for UNIX;
this of course can be dealt with by swapping : and / (i.e. you write
the file "1:2" in UNIX, you really write "1/2" to the disk and mutus

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