Re: Logging More Messages?

Rogier Wolff (
Tue, 07 May 1996 16:06:25 +0200

Andrew E. Mileski wrote:
> The problem:
> Some are early messages missing, but the first msg _logged_ is
> always a partial sentence.
> I assume this happens because sysklogd reads the messages from
> the scrollback buffer after it is started, in order to log

No its not the scrollback buffer. Its a different buffer.

> messages which have gone by already. It just isn't reading back
> far enough, as the info is there in the scrollback buffer
> (I can see it).
> So my guess would be: a) sysklogd needs to be fixed to read
> further back, or b) the kernel needs to tell sysklogd there
> are more messages available, c) I need to kick the computer
> around the room.
> It isn't a syslogd.conf problem AFAIK. I have all kernel
> messages going to a kernel log, no matter the priority
> (kern.* /var/adm/kernel). The messages don't appear,
> or are incomplete in the logs - any log.

The kernel has a 4k buffer for messages. If it overflows,
so be it.

So if the kernel starts printing messages faster than klogd
and syslogd can handle, it will overflow. If the kernel
prints more than 4k of messages before syslogd and klogd start,
then also it will simply overflow.

As far as I understand you're having the trouble that your
boot messages aren't complete....

You could look for the 4k buffer and make it
larger, or you could cut down on the crap that your
machine prints while it boots.


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