Re: Aha2940 Problem

Justin Dossey (
Fri, 17 May 1996 16:44:12 +0000 ( )

On Fri, 17 May 1996, mjp wrote:

> I have a aha2940 scsi adapter with ROM version 1.21.
> I have tried the aha2940 bootdisk but it will not find my scsi card.
> Have also tried scsi, ascsi scsinet1 bootdisks none of thwm works.
> What should I do?

I think I remember you in #linpeople... you can do a redhat install (hey,
it worked for me with my aha2940UW...) or you can try to find a newer
bootdisk. Without an existing linux installation, it's difficult to make
custom packages, but try to find something that supports nothing but that
SCSI adapter. It should work.

Justin Dossey houston, tx usa