Re: Macintosh kernel out

Povl H. Pedersen (
Mon, 20 May 1996 13:40:15 +0200

At 12:04 +0200 20/05/96, David S. Miller wrote:
> From: "Povl H. Pedersen" <>
> Some people suggested that instead of rolling this into the kernel, they
> would wait until a non-Mach version was available. I do NOT think so. In my
> opinion, it should be included in the kernel tree as soon as it is declared
>No microkernel bloatage in the mainline sources thank you... Anyone
>who thinks a mach port type deal of Linux should end up in Linus's
>tree "needs to have their head examined".

Why shouldn't it end up in the source tree ? It has nothing to do with
bloating the kernel. Au contraire. A Mach port removes stuff from the
kernel (and puts it in microkernel).

And generally, a Mach version would make it easier to get an initial port
of Linux running on more platforms.

>Besides a real native port would be much faster. ;)

Not much I guess. You can simplify lots of the driver functionality I
think, so that you can reduce most of the overhead to the overhead of
function calls.

According to OSF, it was not much slower than the direct one on a x86 PC.

And, I have kind of bought the idea of the microkernel / VM.

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