Socket destroy delayed

Juha Virtanen (
Wed, 22 May 1996 09:23:10 +0300

Dave Dillow writes:
:>Alan wanted to see messages about this, so here's another data point.
:>I'm getting about 3-4 every 5 seconds. This machine is being used to
:>watch the network for connection attempts of any kind, so the SOCK_PACKET
:>code is getting heavily abused. Nothing else is running on the machine.
:>The machine is a 486DX2/50, running pre2.0.4. (I'm getting 2.0.6 now)
:>The IDE driver is not compiled in, since the machine only has SCSI (AHA1542).
:>The network code was configured with the defaults, and it has a 3c509 card.

I got a "kernel: Socket destroy delayed (r=0 w=268)" message
every 10 seconds with pre-2.0.6. Pre-2.0.7 fixed that.

That machine is a i486DX50 w/ 20 MB RAM and IDE disks on thin
ethernet with SMC Ultra NIC. Gcc is 2.7.0 and libc-5.0.9.