Re: no swap partition bigger than 16MB [YAP]

H. Peter Anvin (
22 May 1996 17:56:52 GMT

In article <>,
David S. Miller <> wrote:
> Contrary to that recomendation, I have a linux system that uses a
> single 50 megabytes partition and never gave me problems. Maybe
> because I never have to use more than 16 megabytes of it...
>That quote from Matt Welsch's book was transcribed some time ago, at
>which point the statement was most likely true. I have filled all 3
>110mb swap partitions on my SS10 running Linux without any problems.

Linux currently has a limit of 128MB for i386 (increasing as N^2 with
page size -- it's 512MB for Alpha with 8K pages). This limit is
starting to become a problem as well, and probably should be taken
care of.