Re: Netscape for Linux and Java

Lauri Tischler (
Thu, 23 May 1996 16:33:51 GMT +2

Anno Domini 22 May 96 at 3:21, Lonnie Norton wrote:

> I am running Netscape v2.1 on my system and have been trying to access a
> site ( which has a java banner on it. each time i start
> downloading the page it (Netscape) locks up when downloading the java banner.
> I have been running kernel 1.3.89, and yesterday recompiled using 1.3.100
> with the java support compiled in. I was hoping the newer kernel with the
> java support would handle the problem, but it still locks up on the banner.
> Has anyone else had this problem, and is this a Linux related problem, or is
> Netscapes browser hosed.

Netscape dies with Java if you use 16-bit colors, it is supposedly
fixed in 3.0 beta aka Atlas.

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